Silver Flight Grants

Aspiring Flutist

$250 - $750 grant-“loans” to help aspiring flutists 25 years or younger, with such things as: attendance at masterclass/workshops; instrument acquisition; website-social media launch; recording project; etc.


  1. Complete Application
  2. Applicants must have completed 4 hours of community service to a non-profit arts organization prior to receiving funds for each $250 of aid requested*.
  3. Need to provide evidence of financial need

* Though these are "gifts" – it is hoped that those who are awarded funds would consider this as a “loan” and one day repay the foundation when they are more financially stable; pay it forward, keep this fund sustainable.



$100 - $500 awards to create solo or chamber works with flute as a featured instrument.


  1. Must provide “Silver Flight Ensembles” with 2 copies of completed/published manuscript Awards made in July and December
  2. Provide a Letter of Interest (Letter of interest can be submitted any time)
  3. Complete Application
  4. Must submit some sort of example of work (Printed score and audio recording)

Flute Instructors

Private and Collegiate

$150 -$1000 awards to create educational and performance opportunities for student and community flutists


  1. Complete Application
  2. Events must be open to the public
  3. If there is an admission charge, “Silver Flight Ensembles” must be provided with at least 4 tickets.
  4. Must send us copies of all publicity material in a timely fashion
  5. Must send us some sort of summary of event
  6. Instructors must live/work in - and Events - must occur in our designated operating area


Musical Organizations

Non-Profit 501 c3

$100 - $500 awards to develop their flute program and educational activities for student flutists


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